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Cover photo for Med Instead of Meds

Med Instead of Meds

Med Instead of Meds is a six-week nutrition series based on the Mediterranean style eating pattern. It incorporates the basics …

Cover photo for Three-Fruit Salad

Three-Fruit Salad

Summer in North Carolina means hot weather and plenty of humidity. Give your oven a break and experiment with …

Cover photo for Dance Cardio Fitness

Dance Cardio Fitness

Are you ready to get moving while having fun? Our four-week, in-person, dance cardio class will be taught by an official …

Pull Up Challenge

Guilford County Pull-Up Challenge

Welcome to The Cooperative Extension Pull-Up Challenge! This is a challenge for everyone. This is a chance for you to …

Warm Weather Fitness

Warm Weather Fitness

Written By FCS Intern: Tommy Hernandez Welcome to warm weather once again! As we leave the cold and chilly weather …

Cover photo for Canning Updates!!

Canning Updates!!

It’s canning season and we have a few new things we want to introduce to the community that will …

Life Skills 2021

Life Skills Camp 2021

We get it, adulting is hard! But we want to make it easier for you! Whether you’re a rising …

sewing machine

2021 4-H Fashion Revue

The Fashion Revue Judging and Show is held annually in April for youth who have sewn a garment. County …

Picture of homemade and homecanned salsa.

Canning with Cooperative Extension

Canning is a safe, economical way to preserve quality food at home. Canning interrupts the normal spoiling and decaying …

The History of Tea

The History of Tea

Written By FCS Intern: Kayla Adell Is Tea Worth the Hype? Tea dates all the way back to 2737 BC. Tea originated …

Living Well Month

Living Well - The Basics

Written By FCS Intern: Kayla Adell Being able to live well and be healthy is something that we all want …

Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

Health and wellness agent, Vincent Webb, is here to walk you though basic workout moves every Monday on Facebook. …

Cover photo for National Nutrition Month 2021

National Nutrition Month 2021

Written By FCS Intern: Tommy Hernandez Welcome to the Month of March! This month is National Nutrition Month! History You may be …

Recent Publications related to Home & Family

Guiding Your Young Children

This factsheet describes different parenting styles and lists suggested measures parents can take to discipline …

17 hours ago
Dog with toy on bare dirt at the edge of a fenced lawn

Dogs and Turfgrass Interactions

This publication answers common questions dog owners may have about lawn care. Topics include what …

3 days ago

Preschooler Development

This publication describes the physical, emotional and mental changes that preschoolers experience. It provides information …

1 week agoGrowing Together

After the Flood: Inspect, Purge, and Disinfect Your Well

This factsheet offers instruction on what to do with your well after a flood.

2 weeks agoDisaster Recovery
A map showing the three physiographic regions of North Carolina

Carolina Lawns: A Guide to Maintaining Quality Turf in the Landscape

This comprehensive guide offers information on different grasses for North Carolina lawns, as well as …

3 weeks ago

Home Composting with Earthworms

Earthworms can turn food scraps into a soil amendment called vermicompost — worm castings — …


What to Do If You Lose Your Job: Preparing for the Search

This factsheet offers information on what to do if you lose your job.

Backyard composting bin

What CAN Be Composted?

List of items that can and cannot be composted at home.