The History of Tea

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The History of Tea

Written By FCS Intern: Kayla Adell

Is Tea Worth the Hype?

Tea dates all the way back to 2737 BC. Tea originated in China based on a Chinese legend. Drinking tea became established in China before the west has even heard of it.

Tea is made from a process called steeping. Camellia sinensis leaves are used as well as hot water.

Down south, where I am from, most people know tea as Sweet Tea. Traveling up North, individuals are not familiar with Sweet Tea. Unsweet tea and warm tea is the norm.

It is no surprise that tea has great benefits some of those benefits include boosting heart health, lowering LDL (Bad) Cholesterol as well as reduce blood pressure.

Some people may not realize that drinking too much tea can come with some negative side effects such as dizziness, headaches, pregnancy complications, and heartburn.

I myself am not a huge fan of tea, but I do enjoy a good cup of warm tea before bed. My family is from the deep south and sweet tea is our thing.

Tea is a wonderful thing and is recommended by many doctors to try to help a sore throat.


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Updated on Apr 5, 2021
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