Life Skills Camp 2021

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We get it, adulting is hard! But we want to make it easier for you! Whether you’re a rising senior preparing for life after college, a middle schooler preparing for high school, or the parent of an elementary-aged child,  it’s never too early or late to develop in life skills.

This camp will help you do just that by building practical life skills in the kitchen, with your finances, in the garden, and in your professional life. You will learn the basics of:

Food and Nutrition

  • Nutrition basics
  • Food Safety
  • Meal preparation and planning  *high schoolers only*
  • Kitchen skills: knife skills, measuring skills, temperature check
  • Using spices and herbs instead of salt as main seasoning
  • Local Food System  *high schoolers only*


  • Master the tasks for growing your own food
  • Cultivate the soil: prepare the soil for plants to grow
  • Propagate plants: grow vegetables from seeds and transplants
  • Harvest fresh produce: pick ripe produce from our community garden

Financial literacy

  • Budgeting paychecks  *high schoolers only*
  • Budgeting for College  *high schoolers only*
  • Credit Care *high schoolers only*
  • Saving and allowance spending 

Professional Development

  • Basics of Professionalism (professional dress and communication, branding, resume building, and recordkeeping, interviewing)
  • Personal branding, professional etiquette (dress and communication) resume building, interview skills
  • Automotive Care *high schoolers only*

You can attend virtually or in person. *Be sure to choose your ticket when you register on Eventbrite.*  Whichever path you choose, you or your child will be sure to walk away with the skills you need to win at life!


We will be hosting camp sign-ups through 4-H Online. After you set up a profile, you can enroll your child or yourself (if you are of age) in the program of your choosing. When asked for the club name, please choose “Guilford at Large.” When asked for a project, you can choose “Character Education” or “Leadership.”

After you have completed the 4-H Online enrollment, go into your family profile and click on “Events” on the left-hand side. This will list all events available to you or your child(ren).

Choose the camp you would like to register for and click on “Register.” Then choose your child’s name and continue the registration process.

If you have any problems, please let us know or you can visit the 4-H Online Registration reference page.

Age Date Registration Link
14-18 June 28–July 1 Register online
12-13 July 20–23 Register online
9-11 August 10–13 Register online

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