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County Extension Director

Photo of Karen Neill, NC Cooperative Extension

Karen Neill

Interim County Extension Director & Ext. Agent, Agriculture - Urban Horticulture

4-H Youth Development

Photo of Ivelisse Colon Diaz, NC Cooperative Extension

Ivelisse Colon Diaz

Nutrition Program Assistant, 4-H EFNEP Youth
(336) 641-2422

The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program works with non-traditional audiences. I help youth 5-18 years old learning about healthy eating, being more physically active and practicing food safety.

Photo of Peggie Lewis Joyce, NC Cooperative Extension

Peggie Lewis Joyce

Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development
(336) 641-2400
Photo of Sadie Payne, NC Cooperative Extension

Sadie Payne

Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development
(336) 641-2400x2434Follow or Friend Me

I work specifically with non traditional audiences in the urban Guilford County setting. Youth ages 5-18 are invited to participate in hands-on, experiential learning in the areas of S.T.E.M., Healthy Living and Citizenship with 4-H!

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Photo of Linda Brandon, NC Cooperative Extension

Linda Brandon

Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Coordinator
(336) 641-2400Follow or Friend Me
Photo of Daniel Campeau, NC Cooperative Extension

Daniel Campeau

Area Specialized Agent, Agriculture - Poultry
(919) 542-8202

Work mainly with Commercial Poultry industry. I also work with small scale poultry production.

Photo of Ben Chase, NC Cooperative Extension

Ben Chase

Extension Agent, Agriculture - Livestock

Area Livestock Extension Agent - Rockingham & Guilford Counties

Photo of Marti Day, NC Cooperative Extension

Marti Day

Area Specialized Agent, Agriculture - Dairy

Responsible for educational programs for dairy farmers, youth with an interest in dairy projects and the general public with an interest in dairy foods and the dairy industry. Also repsonsible for row crop and horse educational progams in Chatham County.

Photo of John Ivey, NC Cooperative Extension

John Ivey

Extension Agent, Agriculture-Crop Science
(336) 641-2416x2416

Responsible for field crops (field and greenhouse), local foods coordinator, fruit and vegetable production, pesticide coordinator, and pond management.

Family and Consumer Sciences

Photo of Geissler Baker, NC Cooperative Extension

Geissler Baker, Mrs.

Area Agent, Family and Consumer Sciences
(336) 641-2400

Coordinates and implements educational programs and provides information related to Nutrition and Wellness, and Food Safety/Preservation. Supervises county EFNEP staff. Manages Family and Consumer Science volunteer groups.

Photo of Lisa Benavente, NC Cooperative Extension

Lisa Benavente

North Central District EFNEP Extension Associate
(919) 245-2054

Provides programmatic supervision to the EFNEP program in the North Central District.

Photo of Arnicia Gudger, NC Cooperative Extension

Arnicia Gudger

Nutrition Program Assistant, EFNEP - Adult
(336) 375-5876

Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) Assistant for Adults

Photo of Barbara Strong, NC Cooperative Extension

Barbara Strong

Family Education Program Associate
(336) 641-2430

Family Education Program Associate for Parenting, Energy Conservation, Home Care and Maintenance Programs, Mold & Mildew Calls, and Household Pest Calls


Deb Fuller

County Extension Office Assistant
(336) 641-2400
Photo of Rachel Herring, NC Cooperative Extension

Rachel Herring

County Extension Administrative Assistant
(336) 641-2433
Photo of Pamela Marshall, NC Cooperative Extension

Pamela Marshall

County Extension Support Specialist, Urban Horticulture and 4-H Youth
(336) 641-2400

Mignon Sheppard

County Extension Support Specialist
(336) 641-2421

Provide administrative support to the Family and Consumer Sciences staff.


Photo of Cynthia Nielsen, NC Cooperative Extension

Cynthia Nielsen

School Curriculum Coordinator, Horticulture
(336) 641-2400