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Guilford County Agriculture

 Guilford County Agriculture

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   Voluntary Agriculture District Ordinance (click on sign)

Application and Brochure (click here)

Municipal Voluntary Agriculture Districts

Pleasant Garden Municipal VAD (click here)

Summerfield Municipal VAD (click here)



2020 Guilford County Farmland Protection Plan

2020 Guilford County Farmland Protection Plan Appendix (click here)

Farm stand

What does agriculture mean to Guilford County?

Only $2.3 billions dollars!



Ten Percent Campaign

   10% Campaign

   Help support local food and local farmers



Piedmont Local Foods

    On-line grocery featuring local food


Piedmont Grown

Look for this designation for Certified Piedmont locally grown foods


strawberry basket

For the sweetest strawberries in Guilford County, click on the bowl



What you need to know about building ponds and clearing land.

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