Canning Equipment: Resources

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Hello Everyone,

Picture of homemade and homecanned salsa.It seems like we are experiencing the old canning shortage of 1975. I want to give you some survival tips in order to help you overcome this shortage. I have a few resources and alternative ways to preserve them. I also want to share another helpful NC State Extension article on the current shortage: Where are the Canning Jars?

Alternative Methods




Tips for Canning With These Limitations

  • Remember, jars and bands can be reused.
  • Utilize quart-size jars to minimize the number of jars that you will have to use and this allows you to save more lids.
  • Only can the things that you will not use over the winter months. You may be able to freeze the rest.

Resources for Supplies

  • Online resources, such as Amazon, have bands and lids from alternative companies so you will have to gauge their quality for canning your food items.
  • Check the following stores due to their limited foot traffic compared to others. Remember, there is no guarantee that you will find supplies at these stores.
    • Grocery stores
    • Dollar type stores
    • Hardware stores
    • Department Stores
  • Check with your county N.C. Cooperative Extension office because some offices may have extra supplies that they cannot use and may be willing to donate to those who do not have.