The Portions Battle

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The Portions Battle

There is a battle that is being fought in many households during the current orders to stay at home. For some, there may not be much of a fight at all against the dreaded temptation to overeat or simply eat larger portions than usual. The temptation is very intense because most of us are now at home for most of the day if not all day. I even have tempted to run to my kitchen and grab a snack or a whole meal when I don’t really need it. I have some tips that I have been using to combat overeating.

Plan, Plan, Plan!!

It’s good to have a game plan especially when you know the urge to eat when you don’t need to is going to come upon you. A person without a plan has essentially planned to fail and most of us don’t deliberately plan for failure. You can start by planning your meals and snacks around your biological meal clock. Take note to see when you’re actually hungry throughout the day, so you can make a meal plan. When developing your plan you can actually pre-prep healthier meal and snack options. While developing your plan you can also plan activities for those urges of habitual eating when you are really not that hungry. The old technique of simply staying busy can be a great defense as well.

Take a Break!!

Being mindful and being able to detect whether the urge to eat is stress eating is essential. By being aware of stress eating you can address it by turning your attention to something else. You can take a break by going out on a walk, walking the dog, doing some chores, or simply doing a short exercise routine. Taking a break will help alleviate any stress that has built up as well as take your mind off of food for the time being.


Make sure that you are adequately hydrated because often times when we think that we are hungry, we are really thirsty. Proper hydration will prevent fatigue and allow the body to carry out the processes that it needs to stay healthy. Some vitamins such as Vitamin C and the B Vitamins are transported throughout the body by water and they can only be absorbed by the body through water. Vitamin C is important for your immune system and the skin. The B vitamins are important for so many things such as healthy skin, reproductive system, digestion, and muscle function.

I hope this has given you some ideas on how to combat the temptation of overeating during this time where most of us are at home for most of the day.