Important Information for Dairy Farmers

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Possible supply chain disruptions and unknown market demands due to COVID-19 repercussions make it prudent to plan for scenarios where milk must be dumped.
The purpose of this article is to briefly summarize farm-level milk disposal considerations.
Please do not interpret this article as an implication that milk will not be picked up at some time; rather view this as information along the lines of an Emergency Action Plan for uncertain times.
In the event that any of the dairies in your county need to dump milk for any reason, N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services waste lab run samples of milk for waste nutrient analysis. Samples need to be submitted as “Diagnostic” and not predictive.
If any of your dairies need help getting samples to Raleigh, please contact Marti Day, Area Specialized Agent – Dairy, at 919-691-3062 or