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First Grade Lesson Plans

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Students dig into dirt and discover the secrets of the intricate ecosystem living beneath their feet. After discovering soil’s components, students take the next steps to become stewards of the soil.[4 lesson plans provided by Life Lab 2007]

Curriculum Areas: Science

The learner will be doing curriculum integrated activities using Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. [BY SHANNON ZERNIAK]

Curriculum Areas: Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science

Students will plant their own seeds in potting soil and measure plant growth. Before the students’ plants are visible above the soil, students will explore the parts and functions of classroom plants and compare growth between the classroom plants. Using the weather channel website, students will predict whether the day’s weather conditions are excellent, good, or poor for plant growth. [BY RHONDA HATHCOCK]

Curriculum Areas: Mathematics and Science

This lesson helps students define the word habitat and understand the basic elements that make up an animal’s habitat. [BY KELLY STEWART]

Curriculum Areas: Science

Students will identify living and nonliving things. [BY GENITA POWELL]

Curriculum Areas: English Language Arts and Science

This lesson serves as an introductory study of the plant world. The lesson allows students to study seeds, parts of plants, microclimates, and how to grow seeds into vegetable plants for harvest. Parents are encouraged to assist at home. [By Glenn Bass]

Curriculum Areas: English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science