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Fifth Grade Lesson Plans

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Students learn about insects and their effects on the garden, both harmful and beneficial. [BY THE YOUNG VIRGINIA GARDENER]

Curriculum Areas: Science

Group projects of building solar cookers or collectors provide arena for learning about energy sources and transformation. Gathering data for comparison and analysis exercises students’ graphing skills and thinking. [BY LARRY PARKER]

Curriculum Areas: Science

In this activity students learn how to make their own mini greenhouse out of a milk carton. [BY THE YOUNG VIRGINIA GARDENER]

Curriculum Areas: Science

Interactive activity in which students will observe and measure their own leaf, while developing important skills. [BY JENNIFER]

Curriculum Areas: Math, Science

This lesson demonstrates which organisms feed on one another and how food webs are created. [BY KURT OSWALD]

Curriculum Areas: Science

In this lesson kids explore the decay and decomposition of leftovers from a meal. This project lets you see how food wastes decay and return nutrients to the soil. [BY THE YOUNG VIRGINIA GARDENER]

Curriculum Areas: Science

Curriculum Areas: Science

  • Identify and describe aspects of life in colonial america as they relate to gardening, and the growing of crops for foods and medicines.
  • Find the perimeter and area of a plane geometric figure using the appropriate formula.
  • Construct a garden design using drawings of two-dimensional figures.
  • Identify congruent shapes and use motion geometry (flips, turns, slides) to position elements in a garden design plan.
  • Identify and describe the lines of symmetry on plane geometric figures using drawings.
  • Curriculum Areas: Social Studies and Math

Each child will choose a plant in the garden and draw what they see. This will be done once a week throughout the unit so that changes can be seen in the illustrations.Eco-fact: some types of bamboo can grow nearly a meter a day.

Curriculum Areas: Science and Language Arts

  • The Rotten Truth

Students will learn about the decomposition process and the importance of composting.

Curriculum Areas: Science and Language Arts

  • A Garden of Verses-Poems about Class Garden

Curriculum Areas:  Language Arts

  • Compost Experiment

Uses the Scientific Method to learn about the role of compost in plant growth and the composition of compost.

Curriculum Areas: Science and Language Arts

  • Seed Shoping

Curriculum Areas: Math, Science