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Guilford County 4-H Volunteers

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Volunteers are the keys to our success in the North Carolina 4-H program. Whether you’re interested in becoming a club leader or just have a few hours to invest, we’ve got challenging and fun jobs for adults and teens who want to make a difference. We manage the process to help volunteers find the role that fits best their interests and schedules. Browse this section to learn more about volunteering in Guilford County 4-H to get started. You’re sure to love it!

To view a list of our current clubs, visit our interactive map.

Volunteer Leader Association

The VLA – NC 4-H Volunteer Leaders’ Association represents volunteers involved with the 4-H program. Membership in the Association is open to every 4-H volunteer leader who works directly or indirectly with youth. The educational philosophy is to promote leaders teaming with leaders and growing in leadership through utilization of leadership skills in practical planning, implementation, and evaluation.

The Guilford County VLA meets the first Tuesday of the month (does not meet July and August) at 6:30 p.m. here at the Guilford County office.

Volunteer Application

The first step to becoming a 4-H Volunteer is completing the online application. The Volunteer Enrollment Guide has some great information about completing the online application.

North Carolina 4-H is excited to announce that we have moved to a NEW ONLINE database program called 4HOnline. 4HOnline is . . . The OFFICIAL North Carolina 4-H Youth Development Program database for enrolled 4-H members and volunteers. This system works as a partnership between the 4-H family and the N.C. Cooperative Extension of Guilford County office to manage the 4-H enrollment process and distribute important information to you. By allowing you access you can update your club and project information as well as personal information (email, home address, and phone). This will ensure that you are properly enrolled in the county program and receive important news and updates such as newsletters, deadline information, and leadership opportunities.

North Carolina 4-H officially moved to 4HOnline on April 1, 2018. And, while we realize that many of our 4-H members and volunteers have already completed this year’s enrollment (via paper forms) we ask that you take a few minutes now and create a family profile within the 4HOnline system.

What Do I Need to Enroll: To enroll through the 4HOnline system, you need a computer or tablet, Internet access, a valid email address, and a web browser. Suggested web browsers are: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. *Internet Explorer is not compatible with the 4HOnline website.

Where Do I Enroll: Enrolling is simple. Click here: 4HOnline

The Volunteer Enrollment Guide has some great information about completing the online application.

What Happens If I Start a Family Profile And Don’t Complete It: Once a Family Profile has been created and a “New Family Member” (Youth or Adult) has been added that individual information will be auto-saved. If the profile is exited and or Internet connection is lost you should be able to log back into the system and restart from where you left off. Please Note: Family member profiles are denoted in the 4HOnline system, and visible on your Family Profile page, as either Incomplete, Pending or Active. *Your 4-H Agent will contact you directly if you have an incomplete profile.

  • When you “submit” a youth or adult profile the information is sent directly to your local 4-H agent for review and approval. Once your profile has been reviewed and your local 4-H agent approves it within the system, you should receive an email notification (sent to the Family email address established during the account set-up).

Spanish Enrollment Documents: Spanish language enrollment in 4hOnline is not available at this time. Please use the links below to download Spanish language enrollment documents.

4HOnline is a web-based system used to enroll youth members and adult volunteers in the North Carolina 4-H Youth Development Program. 4HOnline is designed so that each family has an online family profile and every youth and volunteer has an individual profile under their family profile. 4HOnline is a fully integrated management system that brings together all levels of the 4-H experience. Whether it’s a member logging in to manage his or her record, a club leader printing mailing labels, or a county agent approving a member’s enrollment, 4HOnline brings the 4-H community together and keeps everyone involved. To access 4HOnline use this link:  4HOnline

Guilford County 4-H is excited about the 4HOnline program and all the opportunities an online registration and data management system can afford our members and our volunteers. If you have any questions about the 4HOnline system please feel free to contact:

Lauren Taubert, County Office Support Specialist (

Peggie Lewis Joyce, 4-H Youth Development  (

Dr. Mitzi Downing, Assistant State 4-H Leader (

For more great information, visit N.C. 4-H Volunteers.