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Eighth Grade Lesson Plans

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An exploration of the diversity of prey/predator interactions. [BY DR. DIRNBERGER, KENNESAW STATE UNIVERSITY]

Curriculum Areas: Science and Math

An exploration of the effect of fertilizer on plant growth. [THE YOUNG VIRGINIA GARDENER]

Curriculum Areas: Science

 In this lesson students will model the cycles of matter by creating an ecosystem in a jar. They will also give research-based oral presentations on the carbon, water, and nitrogen cycles. [TERRI LUSK © Utah Education Network in partnership with the Utah State Office of Education and Higher Ed Utah.]

Curriculum Areas: Science

Group projects of building solar cookers or collectors provide arena for learning about energy sources and transformation. Gathering data for comparison and analysis exercises students’ graphing skills and thinking. [BY LARRY PARKER]

Curriculum Areas: Science

Curriculum Areas: Science

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