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Community Gardens in Guilford County

What is a Community Garden?


“…anywhere a community of people joins together to garden”                                         Community Gardening, The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Community gardens are as varied as the neighborhoods in which they thrive. Each is developed to meet the needs of the gardeners who come together to grow fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs on common ground.

Why Join a Community Garden?

  • Community: Meet your neighbors and other community members as you garden and learn from each other. Involve your whole family — this is for gardeners of all ages!
  • Health: You are more likely to eat something that you have grown, and you can grow a wide variety of healthy, nutritious food! Gardening also decreases stress and increases physical activity.
  • Money: By eating what you grow, you may reduce the amount you spend on groceries. Some community gardeners earn income by selling the produce they grow.
  • Nature: Connect with plants, pollinators, birds, and nature in the garden.
  • Life Skills: In addition to a wealth of plant growing information, gardening teaches planning, organization, and teamwork.

Steps to Success
Get Involved
Extension Resources
City of Greensboro Guidelines
City of High Point Guidelines