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Carolina Yards and Neighborhoods

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The Carolina Yards & Neighborhoods Program (CY&N) is currently being implemented by N.C. Cooperative Extension as a pilot program in five Piedmont counties and was adapted from a Florida program.
This program emphasizes nine basic principles: Right Plant, Right Place; Water Efficiently; Fertilize Appropriately; Mulch; Attract Wildlife; Control Yard Pests Responsibly; Recycle; Reduce Stormwater Runoff; and Protect the Waterfront.

Carolina Yards & Neighborhoods teaches you in a simple way how to
design, install and maintain your lawn and landscape. You’ll be able to
transform your yard into a beautiful oasis, while saving you time,
energy and money. As you incorporate these principles into your
landscape, your yard will help conserve water resources and reduce

Participating counties and county extension agent contacts include:

Alamance  —- not available at this time

Davidson —- Amy Lynn Albertson

Forsyth —- Wendi Hartup and Stephen Greer

Guilford —- Hanna Smith

Randolph —- Mary Helen Ferguson


Introduction to Carolina Yards & Neighborhoods

The Piedmont Yardstick Workbook

Contact your local Extension Office in one of the five participating
counties to receive a hard copy of Carolina Yards-Piedmont Yardstick

CY&N Principles 
Right Plant, Right Place
step 1cyn


Water Efficiently
step 2 cyn


Fertilize Appropriately
CYN fertilize


CYN mulch


Attract Wildlife
step 3 cyn


step 3 cyn


Manage Yard Pests
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Reduce Stormwater Runoff
step 4 cyn
Protect the Waterfront
step 7cyn


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Carolina Yards and Neighborhoods
was funded by the
North Carolina Section 319 Non-point Source Pollution Grant Program and the
Piedmont Triad Water Quality Partnership