Packet Meals

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Are you strapped for time? Sure, you are! Do you ever wish you could just have a meal ready to go for those busy days? Have you ever been camping or simply miles away from home without any healthy eating options? I know that you had to have been there because I have definitely been there myself. Maybe you haven’t been camping in the wilderness, but you’ve definitely been strapped for time.

Packet Meals have been something that I’ve gotten into this month as we roll into the Fall season. A packet meal is simply a medley of food wrapped in parchment paper or aluminum foil. The ratio is usually one protein to two main vegetables/fruits along with one or two aromatics such as onions or garlic. You can also add a precooked grain item such as rice, pasta, or quinoa. The Fall season is a great season to start honing your skills in preparing packet meals because of the many flavorful root vegetables like sweet potatoes and the cruciferous veggies such as broccoli and cauliflower that can be added to the packet.

Packet meals will save time by allowing you to cook many food items at one time in a short amount of time and they also allow me to portion my food out ahead of time. You can keep the meals in the packet, store them in the fridge for the week and draw them out as you need them. Theoretically, you can freeze them as well in order to preserve them longer. Keep in mind that when you freeze these items, their quality may be affected depending on what food item it is and how long it is frozen. Overall packet meals are pretty versatile and serve as a great tool for cooking a meal quickly, keeping portions in check, and taking a meal to go.

Want to try a packet meal for yourself? Download and print this easy Salmon Packet Meal meal recipe!