Hurricane Preparedness

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Hurricane Preparedness

Written By Savannah McKinney

In the event of a hurricane happening in your area; how prepared would you be? Do you have a plan in place? It is all too important to not only know where you will be going during a hurricane, but also what you will need during this event as well. This article will highlight how one can establish a plan to be prepared for a hurricane when and if one hits near you.

One of the first things that you should do when preparing your hurricane plan is to create a list of items that are outside of your home and could become airborne in the event of a hurricane. This can save lives as well as limit the amount of searching you may have to do for these things once the hurricane has subsided. It would also be important to list items in their importance so that you know what to save first. Make sure that important documents like Birth Certificates, passports, insurance policies and even photo albums are stored in very high places.

If a hurricane becomes imminent, store one gallon of water for each person per day. Update the first aid kit if you have one and if you do not have a first aid kid, get one. Make sure that your phone is charged and portable chargers are charged. Hurricane Preparedness Have batteries in the house for flashlights in case electricity is turned off. Make sure that your car is filled with gas in case you have to evacuate. If your house may flood it is important to locate concrete blocks to elevate furniture and appliances so they do not get water damage. It is very important to have foods in the house that can be prepared without electricity during a hurricane.

If a hurricane does make landfall near you, make sure that you are following the news so that you will be up to date of what storms will hit your area. Close and lock all windows and doors so the wind doesn’t force them open. Fill refrigerators and freezers with water and ice for extra water if you run out. FlashMake it a priority to stay in the home away from windows and doors. Stay away from telephones and electric outlets because these things conduct lightning. Do not go outside for any reason if the news has announced that the hurricane has touched land in your area.

If you decide to evacuate your home, try to leave early while there is plenty of daylight. Turn off your water supply. It is important that everyone is accounted for on your trip, so make sure to tell someone where you are going, who is going with you, and how you are getting there. Make sure to bring nonperishable foods that do not need to be cooked or refrigerated. Return home after authorities’ state that it is safe too.

Most American citizens do not know these basic facts in order to stay safe during a hurricane. Most people believe that if they do not live near the coast or on the coast these things do not apply to them but they do. My hope is that since you have read this article, you understand how important hurricane preparedness is and how it can determine life or death.