Summer Cooking!!

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Hey Everyone!!

It’s time for summer festivities such as outdoor adventures, outdoor sports, State parks, National parks, water adventures, and most of all good eats! Let’s focus on the good eats! A lot of the best food that’s whipped up comes from this one source and that source is the grill. A lot of things can be cooked on the grill such as meat, seafood, poultry, vegetables, and fruits. Yes, I said fruits! Some fruits such as pineapple really thrive on the grill. Pineapple is really sweet and juicy. As it’s cooked on the grill it will get a nice crust that is slightly caramelized. That’s the good stuff and you can’t beat it! If you want to get your pineapple cut just right, watch this video by Meredith Kreeger, one of our EFNEP educators.

Although grilling is quite fun and we can produce great tasting food from the good old fire pit; we have to remember food safety. Some of the basic things that we need to remember regarding food safety is the importance of sanitation, internal cooking temperatures, and holding temperatures. These things are so important in order to prevent a foodborne illness, but they are rarely taken into consideration. I want to share two resources for keeping your summer grill creations safe. Check out the following resources.

Grilling Resource

Infused Water Resource