Up and Moving Uno

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Up And Moving Uno

If you’re looking for a way to spice up things with a traditional card game then you should play what I call “Up and Moving Uno”! This spin on one of our beloved card games is quite fun and can be played with anyone. It especially makes for a great family game night and it’s a great way to get some physical activity in. Here’s how to play….

Guidelines for moving and each specialty card.

  • Wild (Draw 4): Person who drew four cards will do eight reps of any exercise of the wild card player’s choice
  • Wild: Everyone does four reps of an exercise of the card player’s choice.
  • Draw 2: Person who drew two cards will do two reps of push-ups
  • Skip: One burpee (or) two squat jumps (or) three Jump Skips
  • Reverse: One Reverse Lunge each leg (or) two chair squats for each leg
  • If Uno is not called out when achieved the person will do 10 sit-ups
  • All Losers of the game will do a 15-second plank.

Additional rules

  • Doubles: When playing doubles all people except for the person who played the card will do the number of push-ups that are displayed on the card times two. For Example, if someone plays two cards with a face value of six, everyone except that person will do two times six which equals 12 push-ups.