Become a 4-H District Officer

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Interested in becoming a 4-H District Officer? Check out these items to learn all about becoming and being a District Officer.

Requirements to be a 4-H District Officer:

  • To run for a District Officer position youth need to be 14 years of age (4-H age)
  • Have been a member of 4-H for two years.

Recommended Qualities of a 4-H District Officer:

  • Have daily access to digital communications. Of course, not every day but there are a lot of times where we send group texts and/or emails that need fairly quick answers. Having a teen without the basics to communicate quickly makes the team feel somewhat disjointed. We also have been using more video chats with our teens so cut down on travel for our “in between” meetings.
  • It is great if the teen has attended a teen retreat before (and/or some type of overnight 4-H teen event). This helps a lot when planning the event for the office team and the agents.

To apply to be a District Officer: