What to Do With Storm Damaged Trees

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Luckily Guilford County was spared from the worst of Florence but there was still heavy rains and gusty winds in our area and many other parts of North Carolina were not so fortunate. Now that the storm has passed and clean-up efforts get underway, one of the big questions is how to deal with trees that were damaged by the storm.

The first thing to remember is that any downed power line should be considered live until the electrical company assesses the situation and says otherwise. Be careful when working around debris, because lines can be tangled up and hard to see. Call the power company immediately if a downed line is noticed, and wait for their arrival before going near the area.

Once all power lines have been properly removed from the area, then the assessment of the damaged trees can take place. N.C. Cooperative Extension has a new publication on these decision-making guidelines. Homeowners who are looking at large tree removal or clean up should seek assistance from a certified arborist. Call the Guilford County Office at 336-641-2400 for a list of local certified arborists, or you can find a list online at treesaregood.org/findanarborist.