Share the Harvest

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“Share the Harvest” is a program that has been in place for seven years, helping provide fresh local produce to those in our community, finding themselves in need. It is just one of the many ways organizations and local citizens of Guilford County are helping to eliminate hunger. The success of “Share the Harvest” is due to the kindness and generosity of local gardeners – YOU.

It is a known fact that gardeners always grow more than they can use. Remember all those zucchini squash you had last year or the pounds of tomatoes that all came ripe at the same time. It is the nurturing and caring traits that leads to gardeners wanting to donate. “Share the Harvest” piggy backs on the Garden Writers Association of America’s Program called “Plant a Row for the Hungry”; taking it one step further by collecting then distributing fresh produce so that more can be served. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could enjoy those homegrown tomato sandwiches? Makes your mouth water just thinking of those first ripe tomatoes.

“Share the Harvest” will be starting back up with this year’s growing season. The first day to drop of your donations is June 4 and collection sites will be open all summer through mid-October when we know the bulk of fresh produce comes in. “Share the Harvest” is a not-for-profit group that is creating pathways to connect gardeners with local service organizations to help families overcome food insecurity. Some of the local agencies include: Triad Health Project, One Step Further Nutrition Assistance Program, St. Andrews Episcopal Church Food Pantry, Quaker Cupboard, Partnership for Community Care, Food Not Bombs, Backpack Beginnings, and The Blessed Table Food Pantry.

North Carolina Cooperative Extension in Guilford County worked with several leaders from Extension’s Community Garden Network to begin this effort which has now grown to include partners from community gardens, churches, hunger relief agencies and individual gardeners. Educational information is always available through local garden centers & NC Cooperative Extension to encourage citizens to get involved by planting a little extra. Just a few extra pounds of squash, beans or tomatoes will give others in the community a chance to experience local produce that is more nutritious and has incredibly more flavor. An added benefit is that less produce is being wasted.

“Share the Harvest” has established drop off sites across the county where gardeners can drop off their fresh produce. This produce will be collected by local organizations who will then deliver the produce to the Interactive Resource Center in Greensboro where produce will be sorted with help of volunteers from the IRC Center and the local community. Produce will then be distributed to the local agencies across the county. This distribution chain allows us to make local produce available to a diverse population within the community.

The following sites are set up to accept your donations:
First Lutheran Church, Greensboro Sundays 9:00-Noon & Wednesdays 8:00-5:00
Oak Ridge Presbyterian Church, Oak Ridge Sundays 11:30-12:30
North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Greensboro weekdays 8:00- 5:00
Triad Food Pantry, High Point Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 10:00-1:00
Greensboro Children’s Museum, Greensboro weekdays 9:00-4:00
Interactive Resource Center, Greensboro weekdays 9:00-2:30 & weekends 9:00-noon

If you would like to know more about how to get involved as we always have a need for volunteers, visit our website. Located within the site is a Contact Form for people if they want to volunteer or have questions about Share the Harvest.