Lady Beetles Coming Inside

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The multicolored Asian lady beetle has invaded many homes recently and these smelly pests have caused many headaches leaving many to wonder “how do I get rid of these things?”

Multicolored Asian lady beetle Gyorgy Csoka, Hungary Forest Research Institute,

Multicolored Asian lady beetle
Gyorgy Csoka, Hungary Forest Research Institute,

One of the first things to do is to find where the beetles are coming and and seal that area off. While not 100% effective, this is one of the best long-term approaches to keeping their numbers inside at bay. Make sure to have weatherstripping around doors, plug holes around utility openings, and caulk around windows, doors, and siding.

For control methods. pesticides have limited effectiveness, and isn’t practical, economical, or safe for humans and pets. What’s better? Taking the good old vacuum to them. If vacuuming them up, make sure to empty the bag or canister as soon as possible afterwards to keep the smell from becoming too bad. Another solution to this problem is to take a stocking or cut off a pair of panyhose and insert it to the vacuum’s extension hose and secure it with a rubber band before putting the attachment back on. That way you can remove the stocking with the beetles inside and them put in the freezer to kill the beetles or release them outside.

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Updated on Nov 6, 2017
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